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From Brad Cox <b...@virtualschool.edu>
Subject Re: Monolithic tools with trailer hitches
Date Sun, 09 Nov 2008 17:04:57 GMT
Thanks, Richard. Just had to get that off my chest.

I'd volunteer to help but I'm so lost right now I'd just get in the way.

I thought eclipse+osgi would be straightforward since they're based on 
OSGI. But it now seems they're a bit preoccupied with their own internal 
trailer hitches going every which way.

Richard S. Hall wrote:
> Brad,
>> I've attached a recent graphic that shows what using eclipse, maven 
>> and osgi feels like to drive.
>> Can anything be done to tighten up the integration between these three 
>> tools and their communities? With the library development communities?
> I feel your pain, really, but there isn't much that can be done unless 
> people do it.
> For us at Felix, we are not a tools project, but even still we have 
> tried to help out in that area with maven-bundle-plugin. Our focus is 
> typically on implementing the spec and/or bundles providing some 
> functionality.
> For me personally, I don't use Eclipse...I use NetBeans as a glorified 
> programmer's editor, but I build from the command line. I would happily 
> switch away from Maven if something better came along, so I don't really 
> want to spend time in this area.
>> The situation is frankly horrendous for anyone climbing the learning 
>> curve. Some use ant, some use maven, others can't or won't, yada yada. 
>> Some tutorials use one, others use another, and so forth and so on.
> Agreed, but we need people who are interested in these areas to work on 
> them. We don't have extra manpower sitting around waiting for assignments.
>  From my perspective, if you are learning OSGi, your best bet is to 
> start out with as simple as a set up as you can, which for me would be 
> the command line and either Ant or Maven and just learn about OSGi 
> first, without having to try to figure out all of the IDE integration, 
> which as you know, is less than stellar.
>> JDOM appears prominently because it seems to be the root of my 
>> problems. Three unpackaged classes throws everything off. But near as 
>> I can tell, they don't even know about the problem since they don't 
>> use maven or osgi.
> Yeah, it is difficult, but it is an issue you should take up with them 
> or see if someone here has solved that issue or look for different 
> technology. I know that may not be so satisfying, but sometimes moving 
> to a new technology does provide some bumps along the way.
> Sorry that I cannot give any direct remedy to your issues.
> -> richard
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