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From "Craig L. Ching" <cch...@mqsoftware.com>
Subject RE: Maven bundle plugin
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2007 15:39:19 GMT
Ok, I'll see about digging in and understanding the code enough to where
I can contribute.  I can't promise anything of course as this will be on
my own time, but I'll do my best, this is pretty important to me and to
convince my group to adopt an OSGi architecture.

I'd like to pose my needs and make sure they're in line with what you
guys see as necessary:

1.  Pull all the dependencies as specified in the repository pom for an
artifact.  For instance,
groupId=org.apache.jackrabbit,artifactId=jackrabbit-core has a number of
dependencies specified in it's pom in the repo.  The plugin needs to
pull these dependencies and "do the right thing" whatever that means
(simply include them?).  (I'm picking on jackrabbit because it's
sufficiently complex and it's a current need for me ;-))

2.  I should not have to specify dependency exclusions when the
dependency is a bundle.  For instance, my current understanding is that
if I include my bundle as a dependency in another project, maven doesn't
know enough about bundles so that it shouldn't take the dependencies of
the included bundle dependency.

3.  Ultimately I'd like the eclipse plugin to generate an OSGi plugin
project for any bundle project.  I'm not sure what this would mean or if
it even would be part of the BND plugin, it's probably part of the
eclipse plugin.  What would make sense here?  Would the eclipse plugin
key off of <packaging>bundle</packaging> and generate an eclipse plugin

Do these make sense?  Any feedback on these?


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Marcel Offermans [mailto:marcel.offermans@luminis.nl] 
> Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2007 10:24 AM
> To: users@felix.apache.org
> Subject: Re: Maven bundle plugin
> On Jul 25, 2007, at 17:20 , Craig L. Ching wrote:
> > Ultimately, what is the status of
> > this plugin vs. the BND-based one?  I mean, I know the BND 
> plugin is 
> > the stated future, but is it eventually going to support 
> pulling the 
> > dependencies from the repo?  I'd be happy to dig in and 
> help if I can
> > ;-)
> We would like to have just one plugin that caters everybody's needs.  
> Help is always gladly accepted!
> Greetings, Marcel

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