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From Karl Pauls <karlpa...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [Discuss] Do we need to support other logging frameworks in felix framework?
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2017 12:31:00 GMT
>> Shouldn’t we try to get the specification extended to define a well known property
for configuration map handed to the FrameworkFactory.newFramework method which names some
sort of logger ?
>> Unfortunately that configuration map is Map<String, String> so the logger itself
cannot be provided … but maybe some factory class name or so ?
> Yepp, something in this direction was my suggestion as well - doesn't
> work with the map due to String objects,but we could add a new method.
> I already created an issue for this in the OSGi issue tracker, so we
> will discuss this in one of our next calls I hope

Yeah, something like this sounds like the way to go. I was wondering
if it isn't a possibility to overload the init() method on the system
bundle to optionally accept a logging object of some kind...



> Carsten
>> Regards
>> Felix
>>> Am 24.02.2017 um 16:39 schrieb Christian Schneider <chris@die-schneider.net>:
>>> The problem is that we can not directly depend on the felix framework from karaf
as we must be able to switch between equinox and felix.
>>> So the karaf starter may not have a direct dependency on felix framework.
>>> So if the log service interface would be in an OSGi spec jar it would be fine.
>>> Christian
>>> On 24.02.2017 16:33, Karl Pauls wrote:
>>>>> I guess it would be nice if the launcher api had a simple logger
>>>>> interface which you could implement and pass into the framework factory.
>>>>> Then everyone can implement this in any way they want and this would
>>>>> portable across framework implementations.
>>>> I'm fine with that as well. Basically, just replace the current
>>>> reflection calls one-to-one with real methods (which will look like
>>>> the OSGi LogService by-and-large).
>>>> So karaf and others would just have to wrap their JUL logger with a
>>>> simple Felix LogService decorator.
>>>> regards,
>>>> Karl
>>>>> Carsten
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>>> Christian Schneider
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> Carsten Ziegeler
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Karl Pauls

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