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From Martin Nielsen <mny...@gmail.com>
Subject A way to show a ConfigurationException from a ManagedService in the WebConsole
Date Wed, 09 Sep 2015 07:17:56 GMT

First of all, i would like to say thank you for all the work and love that
has clearly been put into Felix. My company has recently moved to Karaf as
our primary application platform, and the experience has been
overwhelmingly positive.
But enough of that:)

I have a question regarding the WebConsole and ConfigurationAdmin and
MetaType services.
We do a lot of small projects in our organization, and therefore make heavy
use of the ConfigurationAdmin service. Which is an absolute relief to have
as opposed to juggle configurationfiles and classloaders around.

But i have noticed something that seems a little less userfriendly that it
could be, as i described in a recent mail to the users list:

Can i make the webconsole react to Config Admin Service

The questions are basically:
Why is there no feedback from the WebConsole Configuration page, when i add
some configuration that throws a ConfigurationException in the
ManagedService updated(Dictionary) method?
Why does the WebConsole delete values that are badly formatted(Writing a
string in a double field, for example) instead of showing an error? When i
write something that doesn't fit the type i described in the MetaType
service, it is just missing when i open the configuration again, no error
is given.

The real question i want to ask is this:
If i was to sit down and try to find a simple way to:
Signify on the OSGi->Configuration page, if some error has occured while
applying a configuration to a bundle.
Make the Configuration window warn of a "Bad" value if it conflicts with
the MetaType.

Would that be something that would be welcomed? I have no issue putting in
some work to make a patch, if you feel that the idea itself is within the
direction and spirit of the applications. But i would like to know up
front, so i don't spend hours and hours only to find out that it is out of
scope or something :)

Oh, and one clarification for the road:
Am i correct in my understanding that a configuration is supposed to be
bound in a 1:1 relation with a bundle?

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