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From Bob Paulin <...@bobpaulin.com>
Subject Re: Native Selection Filters matching in Native Namespace
Date Mon, 15 Dec 2014 13:44:30 GMT
Responses inline.
On 12/15/2014 7:20 AM, Richard S. Hall wrote:
> On 12/14/14 23:24 , Bob Paulin wrote:
>> Per the R6 Spec selection filters should be able to match launching 
>> properties (p 75).  This works fine within the matching the is 
>> currently happening within R4LibraryClause.match() method. However 
>> since we're now deriving a Require-Capability (p 73 - 74) the 
>> matching actually occurs again within the CapabilitySet.match() 
>> method against the derived filter.
>> For example.  On a Windows system with a x86_64 processor with a run 
>> property of
>> org.osgi.test.cases.framework.div.tb16="xyz"
>> The following filter should pass:
>> (&(osgi.native.osname~=win32)(osgi.native.processor~=x86_64)(org.osgi.test.cases.framework.div.tb16=xyz))

>> The issue is within the CapabilitySet class we only match against 
>> attributes within the osgi.native namespace so the launching 
>> properties are not included so it fails to match the native code 
>> requirement.
> Sorry, but I guess I am confused. There is really no such thing as 
> "within the osgi.native" namespace. Capabilities/Requirements have a 
> namespace, which must match before matching of filters/attributes 
> occurs. The attributes that can occur within a namespace is open 
> ended. Perhaps that is all you meant.
Let me clarify that the attributes that I am putting in the 
Provide-Capability are only those defined in the spec (p. 170).  To your 
point I could add the launch attributes to the native namespace as you 
mentioned since it is after all just a map.  This is approach 1 below.
> If we have a generated capability and a generated requirement, I'd 
> expect both to have the osgi.native namespace. Is this not the case? 
> As far as launching properties, if they are intended to be part of the 
> capability, shouldn't they just be added to the generated native 
> capability and then everything would be fine, no?
Yes that should work.
> -> richard
>> So I'm curious what we should do here.  A few things come to mind:
>> 1) Add the launch properties to the native namespace
>> 2) Remove the selection-filter prior to passing it along to the 
>> CapabilitySet
>> 3) Generate the native capacity set but blacklist it from matching 
>> (since we've already done it within the R4LibraryClause.match())
>> Let me know if you have comments or other suggested approaches. I'm 
>> thinking #3 may be best since additional matching to resolve the 
>> bundle might not be needed but I might be missing something. Thanks!
>> - Bob

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