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From David Jencks <david_jen...@yahoo.com>
Subject [VOTE] Release Utils 1.4 and DS 1.8.0 (2nd try)
Date Wed, 30 Oct 2013 16:41:28 GMT
I'd like to propose that we release DS 1.8.0, which also requires a utile release.  This DS
release includes support for the Compendium 4.3 location binding and 5.0 targeted PID features,
and considerable refactoring and numerous bug fixes.

The Utils 1.4 artifacts are located in 

(these are the same artifacts as in the first, cancelled, release vote)

The DS 1.8.0 artifacts are located in


You can use this UNIX script to download the release and verify the signatures:

Usage: sh check_staged_release.sh 024 /tmp/felix-staging

Lets vote separately on the utile 1.4 and ds 1.8 releases so if ds has problems I don't have
to re-roll the utils release.

Please vote to approve the utils 1.4 release:
[ ] +1 Approve the release
[ ] -1 Veto the release (please provide specific comments)

Please vote to approve the DS 1.8.0 release:
[ ] +1 Approve the release
[ ] -1 Veto the release (please provide specific comments)

This vote will be open for 72 hours (at least).

The DS changelog since 1.6.2 includes:

** Bug
    * [FELIX-3536] (minor additional work) - Consider putting the non-spec ComponentFactory
behavior in a separate class
    * [FELIX-3708] - [DS] use java 5
    * [FELIX-3729] - [DS] Track dependencies by imitating ServiceTracker and keeping a list
of actual service references all the time
    * [FELIX-3738] - [DS] ComponentInstance.getServices(String refName) is implemented wrong
for 0..1 and 1..1 refs
    * [FELIX-3754] - Services registered from within the activate method may not be bound
    * [FELIX-3787] - NPE on reference update
    * [FELIX-3790] - [DS] Services may not be bound if the events arrive during component
    * [FELIX-3825] - [DS] make logging more useful by including component ID when known
    * [FELIX-3826] - [DS] race in enabling components with factory pid
    * [FELIX-3862] - [DS] Deadlock when service is removed during activation
    * [FELIX-3870] - [DS] confusing logic around determining if modified method can be called
on config update
    * [FELIX-3875] - [DS] After configuration changes target filter on optional ref, matching
services are not bound
    * [FELIX-3888] - [DS] Expose the insides of ScrCommand as a service directly and enhance
    * [FELIX-3890] - [DS] We might try to unbind a service we couldn't get and didn't bind
    * [FELIX-3891] - [DS] synchronization around registerService can create deadlocks
    * [FELIX-3902] - [DS] Single dynamic mandatory reference problem on target filter update
    * [FELIX-3915] - [DS] Timing hole between ComponentHolder initial config and registration
    * [FELIX-3952] - [DS] service events can go missing resulting in hang
    * [FELIX-3967] - [DS] NPE in DependencyManager$AbstractCustomizer.isSatisfied
    * [FELIX-3971] - [DS] SingleDynamicCustomizer doesn't respond correctly to configuration
update events. 
    * [FELIX-3975] - [DS] Give ParseException cause to move out of the stone age
    * [FELIX-3991] - [DS] component deactivation may not complete properly with enough threads
    * [FELIX-4000] - [DS] ConcurrentModificationException in AbstractComponentManager iterating
through m_dependencyManagers
    * [FELIX-4004] - [DS] ConcurrentModificationException in DependencyManager.open(
    * [FELIX-4006] - [DS] While disposing a component, it's possible to unbind a reference
that wasn't bound.
    * [FELIX-4011] - [DS] code refactoring/simplification
    * [FELIX-4020] - [DS] A reference being unregistered between checking for references available
and actual binding may get bound anyway
    * [FELIX-4031] - [DS] Respond better to InterruptedException
    * [FELIX-4055] - [DS] Component instance unset but remains in Active state
    * [FELIX-4057] - [DS] Use Findbugs, and fix located problems
    * [FELIX-4069] - [DS] ConcurrentModificationException in ServiceFactoryComponentManager
    * [FELIX-4070] - [DS] Reduce or eliminate use of States in command pattern
    * [FELIX-4088] - [DS] NPE from SCR service unregistration
    * [FELIX-4090] - [DS] ActivateMethod.ACTIVATE_TYPES_DS11 and ACTIVATE_TYPES_DS10 should
be static final
    * [FELIX-4166] - [DS] Removing required dependency before component is created leaves
service registered
    * [FELIX-4171] - [DS] possible DependencyManager NPE during cleanup after failure to activate
a component
    * [FELIX-4188] - [DS] If a bundle is stopped while the SCR extender is being stopped,
the callback for the STOPPING event returns before full deactivation
    * [FELIX-4189] - [DS] DS should not hold any lock while calling bundleContext#getService
    * [FELIX-4223] - [DS] DependencyManager filter should be set up in enable, not activate,
to avoid race conditions
    * [FELIX-4224] - [DS] Dependency manager can be active but not have m_bindMethods set
    * [FELIX-4287] - [DS] NPE when calling ComponentInstance.dispose after bundle shut down
    * [FELIX-4290] - [DS] Issue with factory components with required configuration
    * [FELIX-4293] - [DS] logic error in handling configuration LOCATION_CHANGED event
    * [FELIX-4297] - [DS] timing hole in opening a dependency manager

** Task
    * [FELIX-3584] - [DS] Handle new LOCATION_CHANGED event
    * [FELIX-3651] - [DS] Properly support configuration location binding and targeted pids
    * [FELIX-4298] - [DS] Run tests against R5 config admin and require specifying profile
for R4

The Utils change log since 1.2 includes

Changes from 1.2.0 to 1.4.0
** Bug
 * [FELIX-3752] Compilation failure in utils subproject on AIX
 * Fix bad copyright
 * Add a isStopping() method on the extender. Fix comparison of system bundle (see ARIES-1031)
 * [FELIX-3779] InterpolationHelperTest.testBasicSubstitution fails with JDK7 on Windows

** New features
 * [FELIX-3997] Provide an abstract bundle extender

(the change log in the release misidentifies it as 1.3.  I've since fixed it but don't think
it's work redoing the release over).

Many thanks
david jencks
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