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From Carsten Ziegeler <cziege...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Inventory Printer feedback
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2013 11:08:53 GMT

after some further thinking, I did now the following changes:
- remove all usage of Java 5 features (enum, generics) and support 1.4
as target (same as the web console does) (therefore we can't use the
bnd annotations)
- removed the manager and handler interfaces - right now these are not
needed and we can add them once we really need them
- without the manager, category doesn't make sense, therefore I
removed this as well
- ZipAttachementProvider does not inherit from InventoryPrinter anymore
- The printers are registered with the category "Status" for the web console


2013/2/24 Carsten Ziegeler <cziegeler@apache.org>:
> 2013/2/23 Felix Meschberger <fmeschbe@adobe.com>:
>> Hi
>> I am looking into cutting a Web Console release soon, which will require a release
of the "inventory" bundle first. This is the bundle previously called status having been renamed
because the maven module name "status-printer" was not congruent with the bundle symbolic
name o.a.f.status.
>> I have been looking into this module a bit and would like to share some feedback:
> Great!
>> * IIUIC an InventoryPrinter registered with a .category property will be registered
with the web console as a proxy plugin with the respective property (allowing the InventoryPrinter
to be accessed by its own URL). If the .category property is not set, the default Inventory
category is used. I think we should not have such a .category property and these adapter plugins
should always be registered with the Inventory category.
> Actually the category property is used for two purposes - the
> Inventory stuff can be used without the web console, that's one of the
> main reasons to create this separate bundle in the first place. So I
> think it makes sense to have a categorization of printers when using
> the inventory API directly (see below).
>> * Configurability: Should the inventory- URL prefix and the Inventory category be
configurable ?
> I think the category, yes - as this is usable outside of the web
> console - prefix, no
>> * Should the ZipAttachementProvider really extend the InventoryPrinter interface
? I rather think it should not extend the InventoryPrinter interface. Rather it should be
used as a "marker with API": When writing the ZIP, the InventoryPrinter services are checked
whether they also implement the ZipAttachementProvider and should be called accordingly.
> The ZipAttachmentProvider is in fact an extension of the
> InventoryPrinter - so why hide this fact? The implementation always
> checks all inventory printers whether they implement this interface,
> so I see no benefit of having this a separate marker interface.
>> * Minor: Source Code Formatting should be adapted to our coding conventions.
>> * What are the InventoryPrinterHandler and InventoryPrinterManager interfaces used
for ? Looks like they are used internally in the Inventory bundle -- are they used externally
? I have the impression, this API is not required.
> They can be used by any client code to get inventory printers - so for
> example if you want to write a gogo shell extension printing out all
> information from the inventory printers, these extension can use the
> printer manager to get these things. I've added the handler interface
> as this one makes handling the printers easiers by client code and
> clearly states that client code should never use the printer services
> directly.
> Of course one could argue that client code could lookup all printers
> and use them directly, however this would duplicate all the logic we
> already have implemented and therefore I came up with the
> manager/handler API for this.
>> * API: We should probably tag the interfaces with the BND @ConsumerType and @ProviderType
> Yepp
>> * While I think "Inventory" as a name is probably better (and less confusing) than
Configuration Status or Status or Status Printer, I am not really convinced (and still fear
the name is confusing). Maybe some native english speaker has a better name for that ?
> Yepp good idea - I never liked the status/status printer name and
> after some searching came across "inventory" as a name as this is
> nearly used anywhere, so we avoid naming confusing with existing
> stuff. But then, I'm not a native speaker either.
> Carsten
>> Regards
>> Felix
>> PS: Releasing the Inventory bundle blocks the Web Console release because the "all-in-one"
profile of the Web Console embeds the Inventory bundle.
> --
> Carsten Ziegeler
> cziegeler@apache.org

Carsten Ziegeler

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