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From Felix Meschberger <fmesc...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Felix Site
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2013 18:30:49 GMT

CMS has been configured for our site now. The current (new state) is available from http://felix.staging.apache.org.

I have added some information on how to manage the site now at http://felix.staging.apache.org/documentation.html.

Over time we should now go over the new pages fix them as needed and then remove the old pages
and add a static redirect from the old URL to the new one (I will add some notes to the documentation.html
page on the latter point).


Am 18.12.2012 um 18:03 schrieb Felix Meschberger:

> Hi Benedikt,
> Thanks for the link (I have been loosely following that thread).
> I have in fact converted the Confluence data to ASF CMS mdtext files.
> Everything is in the site/trunk/content directory:
>  * ipojo, obr, and site are copies from the current
>      felix.apache.org site (so the current site is currently
>      preserved but I would consider it static for now)
>  * The rest is converted Confluence content. This is up to
>      editing now.
> In addition there is a site/tools folder which can be checked out to manually generate
the site if needed.
> Finally, I have described how the CMS site currently works in the site/trunk/content/documentatio.mdtext
file. You can view this file in your preferred editor or in an Markdown editor (such as Mou).
> I think going forward  we should now crosscheck the new pages against the old pages.
Once a page has been "finalized", the old page can be removed and we would add a redirect
to the .htdocs file in the root such that we have a redirect for the old URLs to the new URLs.
> Yet, currently I am still waiting for Infra to setup the CMS staging area such that we
have automatic builds of the site.
> Regards
> Felix
> Am 18.12.2012 um 11:20 schrieb Benedikt Ritter:
>> Hi Felix,
>> commons is also in the process of migrating the website. They also have a
>> main site and several sub project sites. Maybe the discussion on commons ML
>> [1] can help you with the felix website.
>> Regards,
>> Benedikt
>> [1] http://markmail.org/message/amw6yrsgaqj2btug
>> 2012/12/13 Felix Meschberger <fmeschbe@adobe.com>
>>> Hi Marcel,
>>> Am 13.12.2012 um 15:36 schrieb Marcel Offermans:
>>>> Hey Felix,
>>>> I did this a bit earlier in the year for the Apache ACE site, so I can
>>> definitely help out a bit.
>>> Cool. Thanks.
>>> Actually, since the Sling site is very similar in setup to the Felix site,
>>> I hope to be able to leverage the same tools that I used for the Sling site
>>> also for the Felix site.
>>> After that any help is highly appreciated.
>>>>> (1) We will get immediate site updates: Whenever we change one or more
>>> pages and publish, the change will almost immediately be seen on the web.
>>> There is no multi-hour delay and incertainty any longer
>>>> Yes, this is a great advantage. Also, we can "stage" changes, and view
>>> them on a special staging site before we publish them. All in all this is
>>> one of the biggest advantages I've seen so far using the new approach.
>>> Yes.
>>>>> When switching I think we should start with a double site: The new site
>>> available directly through the URL at http://felix.apache.org and the old
>>> site still available at http://felix.apache.org/site. This has nice
>>> advantage, that links from the web still work and we can crosscheck the new
>>> pages against the old ones easily. Over time we will remove the old pages
>>> but add (static) redirects to still support the old URLs but redirected to
>>> the new pages.
>>>> So you propose that we make the new and old sites 100% identical as a
>>> first step, and then replace the old site with a bunch of redirects, and
>>> then start discussing potential changes and improvements to our site
>>> (layout and content wise)?
>>> Yes, more or less: My idea is to have the old site still live while we
>>> also have the new site. We can work on improving and fixing the new site
>>> while at the same validating it against the old site.
>>> Regards
>>> Felix

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