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From Felix Meschberger <fmesc...@adobe.com>
Subject [VOTE] Release Apache Felix Metatype Service 1.0.6
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2012 15:54:07 GMT

Here is the Apache Felix Metatype Service 1.0.6 release implementing the most recent MetaType
Service Specification Version 1.2.

The issues completed in this release are listed in the release notes at (also attached at
the end of this message):

Staging repository:

You can use this UNIX script to download the release and verify the signatures:

sh check_staged_release.sh 177 /tmp/felix-staging

Please vote to approve this release:

[ ] +1 Release
[ ] -1 Don't release, because ...

This vote will be open for at least 72 hours.


** Bug
* [FELIX-2094] - AttributeDefinition with an empty default value
                 must attribute must result in a single (empty
                 string) entry string array
* [FELIX-2097] - DefaultMetaTypeProvider.getLocales() must not
                 reuturn an empty string entry
* [FELIX-2860] - getLocales() in DefaultMetaTypeProvider needs
                 to check return of findEntries
* [FELIX-2867] - getIcon() in LocalizedObjectClassDefinition keyset
                 iteration incorrect
* [FELIX-2868] - Icon only works if absolute path specified, but
                 specification allows for relative urls
* [FELIX-3183] - Attribute requirement is not validated
* [FELIX-3364] - MetaDataReader exposes a private exception class on
                 the public API
* [FELIX-3720] - Designate's pid attribute is optional and not mandatory
* [FELIX-3730] - AD.validate of string attributes must validate the
                 string length
* [FELIX-3732] - service.pid properties of ManagedServiceFactory services
                 must be used as factory PIDs
* [FELIX-3734] - MetaType: NPE in ServiceTracker for fragment bundle
** Improvement
* [FELIX-3167] - Add support for new PASSWORD attribute type
* [FELIX-3338] - Add support for optional attributes in the
                 MetaDataReader as defined in the XML schema for metatype
* [FELIX-3736] - Add support for MetaTypeProvider service modifications
* [FELIX-3740] - Maintain the MetaTypeProvider service tracker on the
** New Feature
* [FELIX-2719] - Add name space support to the meta type implementation
** Task
* [FELIX-2096] - Check MetaTypeProvider.getObjectClassDefinition(String,
                 String) specification compliance
* [FELIX-3182] - Update to use parent POM 2.1
* [FELIX-3184] - Add support for metatype extension by MetatypeProvider services
* [FELIX-3731] - Multi-Value service.pid service properties must be supported
* [FELIX-3733] - Clarify icon location

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