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From Chetan Mehrotra <chetan.mehro...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Bundle to simplify JAAS usage in OSGi
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2012 08:42:31 GMT
> I would be interested in hearing what
>> the differences with the Karaf implementation are.

Yes I had a closer look at the JAAS support present in Karaf project.
As mentioned earlier the proposed implementation borrows from both
Karaf implementation and Stefan Vladov's proposal

Below are couple of areas where it differs from Karaf implementation

1. Global Configuration Handling - It should be possible to use OSGi
based JAAS support without affecting the Global configuration. For
example if a Sling app is deployed as war on an application server
then its usage of JAAS should not affect other applications running on
same App Server. The Karaf implementation currently replaces the
Global configuration. The proposed implementation uses the new
ConfigurationSpi mechanism in JDK 1.6 to provide this isolation. Refer
to 'Configuration Policy and Invocation Mode' at [1] for further

2. LoginModule Creation - The Karaf implementation currently directly
instantiates the LoginModule instance. This is similar to how normal
usage of JAAS works in non OSGi env. However to make proper use of
OSGi features it would be preferable to have some sort of LoginModule
factory which is registered in OSGi Service Registry (SR) and use
that. This allows the LoginModule provider to make better use of OSGi
by making its implementation OSGi aware. For implementations which do
not want to depend on OSGi the default approach would still work and
JAAS support would manage there creation.

One potential example is say a LDAPLoginModule - If I have a factory
service then it would be possible for LDAPLoginModuleFactory to manage
its LDAP configuration separately. It can provide its own metadata
information for LDAP configuration which allows capturing the required
information through Felix WebConsole with proper form support (instead
of generic key value pairs). Also it helps is managing lifecycle - For
example the DatabaseLoginModule factory can create a connection pool
and provide that to LoginModule implementation.

3. Dependencies on other fwk - To make optimum use of Karaf JAAS
support one would have to use Blueprint Runtime. In Sling we currently
only use the Declarative Services. The proposed implementation does
not have much dependencies and only depends on OSGi Core API and

4. Dynamic Realm Composition - In proposed implementation the various
LoginModule can belong to different bundles.  The JAAS support would
use realm info from service properties (LoginModuleFactory) and config
to determine the realm composition at runtime.

Chetan Mehrotra

[1] https://github.com/chetanmeh/c/wiki/JAAS-in-OSGi

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