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From Stefan Seifert <sseif...@pro-vision.de>
Subject RE: New SCR Tooling in SVN
Date Sat, 07 Jul 2012 22:37:38 GMT
hello carsten.

>Therefore this is a call for everyone interested to give the new
>version a try. Just check it out from svn trunk and see if your
>project still builds.

i did some first few tests with the new implementation and ported our custom annotation providers
to the new AnnotationProcessor api (which is indeed much more cleaner and easier to use than
the old one supporting both qdox and annotations).

it looks promising and worked well on a small project, but i had problems getting it run at
once at a bigger project which had problems detecting the custom annotation provider. i will
have a deeper look into it to check whether it's a problem in my implementation or in the
plugin/generator or provider detection. but this will take ~2 weeks because i'm in vacation
the next days.


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