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From Simon Chemouil <schemo...@gmail.com>
Subject felix.jar in Maven Central
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2012 13:10:45 GMT

I'm currently setting up an Android app that embeds Felix, and I want
to use Maven for the build. I need to have a (Maven) dependency on
felix.jar (i.e, the Felix core framework that resides in the bin/
directory of the Felix main distribution) but it seems this Jar has
not been deployed to Maven Central since 2009.

For now, I installed the JAR in my local repository manually, but this
requires every developer to do so. I also guess it would be possible
to have a dependency on the Felix main distribution zip file
(available in Maven Central), do some maven-fu to unzip it using
maven-dependencies-plugin and somehow setup the project, but really,
I'm just looking for felix.jar :-).

If it's somewhere, could you point it to me or would it be possible to
start deploying felix.jar to Central as well as the Felix main
distribution for these "embedded Felix" use cases?



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