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From Arjun Panday <arjun.pan...@alcatel-lucent.com>
Subject Re: mvn release:prepare "Unable to tag SCM"
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2012 20:32:55 GMT
Thanks David,
> Maybe the svn path in the pom is wrong?  the working directory appears to indicate a
different path including "/core/"
Yes, i showed this line on purpose.
the working directory is webconsole-plugins/servicediagnostics/core
and the artifactId is org.apache.felix.servicediagnostics.plugin
It seems to mix artifactId and the directory

The parent pom references the module as "core". Here's the scm and 
modules extract from the parent pom:


Is this wrong?

> what's giving the warning?  tar?  There might be an issue with antique non-gnu tars and
long paths, I think there might be a flag to use gnu style tar.
Yes it comes from tar:
[INFO] [WARNING] Resulting tar file can only be processed successfully 
by GNU compatible tar commands

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