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From Lucas Galfaso <lgalf...@gmail.com>
Subject Filter parameter is ignored at getServiceReferences
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2011 16:28:53 GMT
Hi All,
  I just started doing some tests with Felix Framework 4.0 and it looks like
public <S> Collection<ServiceReference<S>>
BundleContext::getServiceReferences(Class<S> clazz, String filter)

is ignoring the filter parameter, looking at BundleContextImpl code,
it looks like that is the case

    public <S> Collection<ServiceReference<S>> getServiceReferences(
        Class<S> clazz, String filter)
        throws InvalidSyntaxException
        ServiceReference<S>[] refs =
getServiceReferences(clazz.getName(), null);   /// The filter param
should be here instead of the null.
        return (refs == null)
            ? Collections.EMPTY_LIST
            : (Collection<ServiceReference<S>>) Arrays.asList(refs);


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