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From Sahoo <sanjeeb.sa...@oracle.com>
Subject Possible synchronization issue with BundleContext.getBundle()
Date Mon, 27 Dec 2010 04:24:09 GMT

Looking at the code, it seems to me that BundleContext.getBundle() can 
return a bundle even though the BundleContext has been invalidated. I 
say this based on the following reasoning:

public BundleContext.getBundle()

         return m_bundle;

private void checkValidity() // non-synchronized method
         if (m_valid) // m_valid is a non-volatile field
             switch (m_bundle.getState())
                 case Bundle.ACTIVE:
                 case Bundle.STARTING:
                 case Bundle.STOPPING:

         throw new IllegalStateException("Invalid BundleContext.");


protected void invalidate()    {        m_valid = false;    }

class Bundle  {
   public int getState() // non-synchronized method
         return m_state;

time t1: thread1 has access to bundleContext.
time t2: thread2 calls b.update()
time t3: bundle has been stopped and is now in STARTING state. thread1 
calls bundleContext.getBundle().
Since m_valid is not a volatile field, it can see m_valid as true, 
although thread2 would have set it to false. Since m_state is volatile, 
it sees its value as STARTING. So, it fails to detect invalidation of 
the bundle and is returned with the bundle object instead of 

Am I missing anything here?


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