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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: Bootdelegation and Java agent (AspectJ)
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2010 16:09:23 GMT
The exception isn't being thrown by the Felix framework, so I'd have to 
assume if it is involved, it must be the parent of the WebappClassLoader?

The information is not enough for me to reproduce the issue. If you want 
to give me detailed steps to reproduce, I can take a look.

-> richard

On 12/6/10 10:36, Guillaume Sauthier wrote:
> Hi all
> One of the JOnAS users has an issue with bootdelegation and an AspectJ 
> Java agent.
> All the details are here: http://jira.ow2.org/browse/JONAS-293
> In short, we start JOnAS with -javaagent:<path-to>/weaver-and-aspects.jar
> We also changed the bootdelegation package list to include 
> "org.aspectj.*" and the aspect class packages ("jlp.*").
> So I expect the classes from the agent to be available from any bundle 
> on the system.
> And when the aspectized class is instanciated, we have this error:
> http://jonas.pastebin.com/ni8rcpvx (ClassNotFoundException: 
> org.aspectj.runtime.reflect.Factory)
> I tried the 3 different policies for bootdelegation 
> (org.osgi.frameword.bundle.parent=app/boot/ext) and there is no 
> changes with any of them.
> Any ideas ?
> --G
> PS: It works with JOnAS 5.1.5, that means with a Felix 1.8.1.
> JOnAS 5.2 M4-SNAPSHOT using Felix 3.0.4

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