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From Francesco Furfari <francesco.furf...@isti.cnr.it>
Subject Re: UPnP library and OSGi UPnP basedriver bundle new implementation
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2010 14:13:52 GMT
  Hello Yiannis,

sorry for the late response, recently I could not follow the discussion 
on the mailing list.
Yes we knew of the limitation of 100 devices ....  let us know your 

The license scheme  is right, maintain any modification to the cyberlink 
library under BSD and base driver under ASF 2.0

I would be happy to know more about your project
Please let me know also privately

Best Regards,

Il 16/09/2010 15.23, Yiannis Liverezas ha scritto:
> Hi all,
> Working on a research project (ATRACO) that utilized the UPnP
> technology, the partners involved had to use the existing UPnP bundle
> and the Cyberlink library (v1.7). We found some serious problems on this
> implementation, especially when the number of devices/services grew
> large (~100). As a result, we proceeded with a new implementation of the
> library and adjusting the Felix UPnP bundle to work with this new
> library (Youpi).
> This effort is now ready and the problems we have faced have been fixed.
> Currently we are composing a document which explains what has been
> fixed, which parts of the old implementation have been reused etc. and I
> will be able to post it probably next week.
> We are willing and planning to open source both the library and the OSGi
> bundle. Proceeding with this, we would appreciate if you could provide
> some advice regarding licensing.
> Taking into account the current licenses in use, we plan to keep the BSD
> license for the new library, since it reuses a part of the Cyberlink
> implementation (also BSD licensed) and based on that, keep the
> Apache-BSD license combination for the OSGi bundle. Are there any
> problems with this direction or could you suggest a better licensing
> scheme for these two projects?
> Thanks in advance,
> Yiannis

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