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From Felix Meschberger <fmesc...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Maven SCR Plugin and ANT
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2010 13:50:37 GMT
Created FELIX-2669 to track these changes ...

Lets see where this gets us ;-)


On 20.10.2010 10:52, Felix Meschberger wrote:
> Hi Clement,
> On 20.10.2010 09:54, clement escoffier wrote:
>> Hi Felix,
>> It probably won't help you, 
> To the contrary: This is quite an interesting approach, which I think we
> should consider.
> In fact this would also allow be to properly separate the
> scr.annotations from the actual plugin code: Currently the plugin code
> contains dependencies to the scr.annotations.
> By createing separate Maven modules I can ...
>   * Create a core SCR support with just the Java 5 annotation
>     framework support
>   * Move the scr.annotation annotation support out of the Maven
>     plugin into the scr.annotation making scr.annotation a real
>     role model for implementing annotation extensions
>   * Modify the Maven plugin to use the SCR core support and
>     integrate the scr.annotation as a default annotation support
>   * Create an Ant Task module drawing from both core SCR support
>     and from scr.annotations.
> Thanks a lot for the hint.
> Regards
> Felix
>> but I had the same issue when creating the iPOJO
>> Ant Task. For me the issue was for Xerces. The approach I used is kind of
>> strange but works. Instead of having one artifact for ant and maven... I
>> created three artifacts:
>> - a common one (iPOJO Manipulator) which do the work but propose stable a
>> front end.
>> - a maven plugin receiving Maven configuration and  configuring the
>> manipulator
>> - a ant task that do the same as the maven plugin. This artifact includes
>> Xerces.
>> The advantage of this approach is that I can change the manipulator version
>> using Ant and Maven configuration (Ant task classpath and Maven plugin
>> dependency).
>> Regards,
>> Clement
>> 2010/10/20 Felix Meschberger <fmeschbe@gmail.com>
>>> Hi all,
>>> Working on FELIX-2642 I was able to get the Maven SCR Plugin also be an
>>> Ant Task. Unlike Maven, though, Ant is not out-of-the-box able to
>>> automatically download task (and other) dependencies from the web. Yet,
>>> for the Ant task to fully function, the QDox, ASM and our own SCR
>>> Annotations library must be available to the task.
>>> The easiest thing would be to just include the QDox, ASM and our own SCR
>>> Annotations libraries inside the maven-scr-plugin JAR file.
>>> What I am unsure about is, whether we should really include the
>>> libraries with the standard maven-scr-plugin JAR file or whether we
>>> should create anonther, Ant-specific, artifact.
>>> From my POV here are the pros an cons of integrating the libs with the
>>> standard build:
>>>   + easier build
>>>   + resolves a build time dependency problem for maven too
>>>     (the scr.annotations SNAPSHOT needs not be deployed because it
>>>      is already included in the plugin)
>>>   + no additional QDox and ASM downloads
>>>   - bigger size of the JAR file
>>>   - It would probably be impossible to upgrade the QDox or ASM
>>>     dependency for the maven-scr-plugin in a per-plugin dependencies
>>>     section
>>> I currently tend to just include the libraries with the standard build.
>>> WDYT ?
>>> Regards
>>> Felix

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