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From Valentin Valchev <v_valc...@prosyst.bg>
Subject Re: Bundle cache changes
Date Mon, 11 Oct 2010 06:36:40 GMT
 On 1.10.2010 г. 18:37 ч., Richard S. Hall wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I've made some changes to the bundle cache layout and handling to
> improve performance and clean up code. I've tried to maintain backward
> compatibility with old caches, but I'd appreciate is someone could try
> it out on their caches to see if it works.
> ** Back up your caches just in case! **
> Note that the new cache format will not work with older frameworks. So
> you cannot use a cache created with this new framework with previous
> frameworks; however, previously created caches should mostly continue
> to work between the two although there will be a loss of fidelity
> since changes to state are only saved to the new way or the old way
> depending on if you are running on the new framework or the old one.
> For the curious, I've combined five bundle cache files (id, location,
> state, start level, last modified, and refresh count) into a single
> file and try to avoid excessive file accesses. This appears to improve
> startup time when you have a cache with lots of bundles, but your
> mileage will vary based on platform and other factors. Although, you
> won't necessarily see any improvements if you are using an old cache,
> since it will revert to the old way.
Well, maybe it will be even faster if you have only one ... let's say
"index" file, for all bundles, that contains that internal data. This
way, at startup you just need to load one index, and then based on it,
to continue with bundle initialization. Just need to make sure, that
writing to that index file is atomic and will survive sudden power fail
or Ctrl+C.

Yes, this means when the state of single bundle is changed, then you
should update the master index. But I'm quite sure that the write
performance will depend so much on the size of the written file, until
it is less than the disk block size. As example for NTFS you have
default cluster size 4096 - big enough for index file.


> Thanks.
> -> richard


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