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From Alasdair Nottingham <...@apache.org>
Subject Comments on bundlerepository 1.6 API
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2010 22:22:48 GMT

I've looked at the new API and have a prototype of Apache Aries's OBR
resolver that uses it. I really like a lot of the changes, I like
being able to remove the local repository, and the system one, and not
having the repos being global scope will be good. This will be really
useful. However one of the things I like about OBR is the ability to
use it as a generic requirements/capabilities resolution system. I am
not just limited to representing Bundles, but other requirements too.
The problem is the DataModelHelper is pretty tied up with giving you
Resources that just models Bundle metadata. I have also been using it
this more generic feature which the DataModelHelper can't help me

One other odd thing I noticed is I managed to generate a
Require-Bundle that looked like this:


now this is obviously invalid, but it was parsed into the following
two requirements:


Although I was putting rubbish in, so it is understandable that I
would get rubbish out it does indicate there might be an issue with
the parser. It might be treating ';' and ',' as interchangeable, but
they aren't.


Alasdair Nottingham

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