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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: Framework release coming soon
Date Thu, 27 May 2010 22:39:06 GMT
On 5/27/10 6:18 PM, Marcel Offermans wrote:
> On May 27, 2010, at 20:49 , Richard S. Hall wrote:
>> So, we are gearing up to release the 3.0 version of the framework. As part of this
release, we're going to include Gogo as the default shell in the framework binary distribution.
Gogo requires Java 5 or later, but don't worry, the framework still targets lesser JREs. :-)
> Do we require Java 5 to compile the code or to run the shell?

Both. The framework only needs Java5 to compile.

>> I've uploaded a snapshot of the distribution in tar.gz and zip if anyone wants to
play with it:
>>     https://repository.apache.org/content/groups/snapshots-group/org/apache/felix/org.apache.felix.main.distribution/2.1.0-SNAPSHOT/
>> Word of warning, the "ps" command has been renamed to "lb" (i.e., list bundles)...type
"help" to see available commands.
> I played a bit with the new shell. Works nicely. Some error messages are a bit cryptic,
for example:
> g! inspect
> gogo: IllegalArgumentException: Cannot coerce inspect[] to any of [(String, String, Bundle[])]
> The first part of the response "gogo: IllegalArgumentException: " is way too technical
and does not really add much value in my opinion.
> The second part too is a bit cryptic. Yes, I'm not providing the right arguments, but
this message does not really help me to come up with a better attempt next time. I know that
typing "help inspect" gives me what I want, but a message like this would be better:
> You did not provide any arguments, command needs:
>     String (package | bundle | fragment | service),
>     String (capability | requirement),
>     Bundle[] target bundles

Actually, for methods with the proper Gogo @Parameter annotations, it 
would definitely be possible to print a better usage message...we can 
open a JIRA issue for that, but probably won't get to it for this release.

> Also, the help command itself could add a summary for each command, now it prints:
> g! help
> felix:bundlelevel
> felix:cd
> felix:frameworklevel
> [snip...]
> Better would be:
> felix:bundlelevel - set bundle start level or initial bundle start level
> felix:cd - change current directory
> felix:frameworklevel - set framework active start level

Actually, the old shell currently only prints the commands and not a 
summary too. I had toyed with your idea, but there were two issues with it:

   1. It makes the "help" output look really disorganized, especially
      when some lines are too long.
   2. Some commands are implemented as overloaded methods with slightly
      different behavior so you'd end up with some commands being in the
      list twice with different summaries.

For these reasons, I decided against it for now. Thanks for the feedback.

-> richard

> Greetings, Marcel

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