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From Arjun Panday <arjun.pan...@alcatel-lucent.com>
Subject Re: OBR.resolve(NO_LOCAL_RESOURCES)
Date Thu, 25 Mar 2010 10:56:37 GMT
> If you use the NO_LOCAL_RESOURCES flag, your resolution should not contain
> any local resources,
What you describe here is the normal behaviour of the resolver without 
any flag; and it was the whole point of JIRA:FELIX-692
What exact feature did you mean to implement with this flag?


>> Guillaume (i believe this is for you),
>> I'm still testing the new bundlerepository from the trunk..
>> I noticed recently that, when i use the NO_LOCAL_RESOURCES flag in the
>> resolver, all the local resources required by my resolution have a null URI.
>> My intent when using NO_LOCAL_RESOURCES is purposely to NOT ignore the
>> resources present in my resolver's framework and to extract a "pure OBR"
>> resolution, independant of the framework instance that computed it;
>> therefore i need all the computed resources along with their URIs with
>> respect to the OBR location.
>> Can you please look into this? Do you agree with my interpretation of the
>> Thanks,
>> Arjun

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