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From Felix Meschberger <fmesc...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: trunk/webconsole fails to build
Date Tue, 23 Mar 2010 11:29:24 GMT

On 23.03.2010 11:59, Craig Phillips wrote:
> mvn == disaster

This sentence probably does not bring us anywhere here ....

> It's time to think outside the box;
> Let me introduce "source bundles"...
> I have enormous philosophy behind this, but I won't go there; I'll only
> "share" a demonstration and the eclipse workspace thereof;

Oh, btw: eclipse == disaster (just kidding, I am also using Eclipse)

> I "invented" source bundles... Simply put, it's a bundle without
> dot.class files... Instead, you put in dot.java files (and, the
> mechanics can be extended to any language, including scripted languages)...
> I took all the felix framework bundles, minus the "system bundle", off
> the trunk (and old trunk from last October -- it's only a demo, chill),
> and converted them to source bundles, outfitted the system bundle with a
> "builder" (takes a source bundle, looks at the manifest, and compiles
> the dot.java files and rezips the resultant "executable bundle");
> Unfortunately, due to mods to the system bundle and other various "spec"
> mods, I never gained traction; My true recourse is to simply ignore the
> detractors and move ahead with a standalone "builder", but that's
> politics and I won't go there either;
> The demo only works on windoze at the moment due to an issue with
> locating the "felix.jar" for compilation purposes (I have a hack for the
> mac, but ultimately I need a registration configuration entry)...
> Anyways, without further ado...
> demonstration: http://www.box.net/shared/4jssc5r69c
> eclipse workspace: http://www.box.net/shared/914tdoxcfp
> This has pretty much been put to bed since last November (I've been busy
> with real work... at least the kind that pays bills); It was a few
> nights and weekends...
> Cheers, Craig Phillips, Praxis Engineering
> PS - If you want to take this off line, I'd be happy... My intent was to
> give it to the community and let the community run with it; Although,
> due to politics, I never made an "introduction", but maybe it's time...
> Enough is enough; I never need mvn for anything; I have a src-bnd and I
> let the framework do the "build";

So this very much sounds like it could evolve into an URL handler, where
the URL might be something like src://.... and your builder gets the
package compiles and packages it and provides the InputStream to the result.

I am not even sure, this needs framework hacking: What you probable need:

  * Implement an URL Handler to handle the special source bundles
    being installed using special URLs
  * Use the PackageAdmin service to find packages and classes installed
    in the framework
  * Use OBR to find packages not installed in the framework in a
    remote repository (you probably don't want to install these
    dependencies unless you build a build-machine)

Sounds like an intereting idea, but:  Does this support automated builds
and publications ? How about end users ?

As for Apache: having source-only bundles is not a problem, because
(officially) the ASF only distributes sources [binaries are considered


> From: Sahoo
> Sent: Tue 3/23/2010 5:20 AM
> To: dev@felix.apache.org
> Subject: Re: trunk/webconsole fails to build
> Obviously, I am not tracking all the conversation on this topic. I
> noticed there was a SNAPSHOT dependency introduced from webconsole to
> obr and that required me to do a  build that includes at least those two
> modules. Since I did not carefully see what other modules have SNAPSHOT
> dependency among themselves, I decided to do a full build. You seem to
> be saying that you have fixed the SNAPSHOT dependency issue in
> webconsole, so that's great. Let me update webconsole to explore its
> dependency on obr bundle before unnecessarily taking your and other's time.
> About build failure, it will be definitely good if CI server sends build
> failure message to dev@ alerting people.
> Thanks,
> Sahoo
> Felix Meschberger wrote:
>> Hi,
>> To build just the web console, you can update your webconsole folder and
>> just run the build in there. This should do the trick.
>> [running the full Felix trunk build just to get the web console sounds
>> like massive overkill to me]
>> On 23.03.2010 01:37, Sahoo wrote:
>>> Can I update my top level Felix workspace and get the build to complete?
>>> Some tests seemed to fail for me last time, so I am little unsure at
>> If you do a full build, the build will abort once a sub-project (module)
>> fails to build. This is probably another intereting point to know which
>> project actually failed to build.
>> Regard
>> Felix
>>> this point. I want to build a web console with OBR plugin.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Sahoo
>>> Felix Meschberger wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I have fixed a number of issues around the bundle repository support
>>>> today. Thus the web console should build again.
>>>> Thanks for reporting.
>>>> Regards
>>>> Felix
>>>> On 21.03.2010 04:27, Sahoo wrote:
>>>>> This failure is introduced in rev #925279.
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> Sahoo
>>>>> Sahoo wrote:
>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>> After updating my workspace to svn rev#925708, I am doing a clean
>>>>>> build and I see compilation failures like this:
>>>>>> /src/main/java/org/apache/felix/webconsole/internal/core/BundlesServlet.java:[904,54]
>>>>>> cannot find symbol
>>>>>>     [exec] symbol: class R4Package
>>>>>> /
>>>>>> I don't see any R4Package.class in
>>>>>> bundlerepository-1.5.0-SNAPSHOT.jar, that's recently built.
>>>>>> Is there a continuous integration job running for trunk? Can I see
>>>>>> its
>>>>>> log?
>>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>>> Sahoo

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