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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: Odd implementation detail of native libs and bundle cache
Date Tue, 06 Oct 2009 15:03:10 GMT
These changes came about because of support for native libraries in 
fragments. Since fragments can attach to multiple hosts in R4.2, the 
framework needs to be able to extract multiple copies, one for each host.

The debate was where/how to do this. We could extract into the host 
cache directory, which would make it easier to do what you want (i.e., 
all in one directory), but it would complicate cleaning up after 
fragments since once it was uninstalled you'd need to remove it from all 
current and past host cache directories.

Instead, I decided to extract it into the fragment's cache directory 
because when the fragment is uninstalled, everything is cleaned up in 
one swoop. Of course, doing so requires the framework to extract into 
separate locations to avoid collisions.

Currently, I don't remember the exact details of why we extract the way 
we do. If you want to open an issue on this, I will look into it. No 
promises about finding a solution, though.

-> richard

On 10/6/09 16:08, Holger Hoffstätte wrote:
> Hi,
> I just discovered a very odd and - at least for my use case very unhelpful
> - change in behaviour of felix from 1.8 to 2.0 concerning native libraries.
> You might know about the difficulties of managing libraries with
> dependencies. For my project I had pursued the approach of handling Linux
> platforms by temporarily copying dependencies to /tmp, loading them by
> making the originally loaded JNI library have an RPATH of /tmp, and then
> clean up. This is ugly, error-prone, insecure (symlink attack) etc. but
> *worked* across all runtimes.
> In order to improve this rather ugly hack I now tried to use an RPATH of
> "$ORIGIN". This special value will make shared libaries look in the
> location of the originating dependency, which is _exactly_ what I want for
> bundles. And it works great! There is a slight catch that not all runtimes
> unpack bundle libraries eagerly, so the libs have to be referenced in
> order to show up in the bundle cache. Works fine too...except on felix 2.0.
> For some reason a bundle's libraries are unpacked with any path given in
> the NativeCode header (correct and good) but _into another subdirectory_.
> This means that three libraries platform/a.so, platform/b.so,
> platform/c.so will not end up in a common directory platform/ but rather
> in directories platform/0/, platform/1/, platform/2/ and so on - which
> totally breaks the great $ORIGIN hack. :(
> Is there a good reason why felix would need to do this? Older versions did
> not, and neither does equinox (at least not 3.5). I fully realize that the
> layout of the bundle cache is "hands off" and an implementation detail,
> but at this level I _must_ have some deterministic way of interacting with
> the platform. IMHO it is wrong that resources or libraries with common
> path prefixes do not actually end up in a common directory - not
> technically, but in the "principle of least surprise" way.
> Ideas or comments? I can help fix this if necessary.
> thanks
> Holger

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