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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: Felix HttpService improvement...
Date Tue, 28 Jul 2009 14:39:52 GMT
On 7/28/09 2:44 AM, Rob Walker wrote:
> We're a big user of the current felix Jetty http.
> Would definitely welcome any improvement/enhancement - personally I'd 
> like to see it as a parallel implementation initially, so we can look 
> at both side by side. And then later, if/when everyone is happy and 
> has moved across then we could look to deprecate the existing one.
> My motives are purely selfish here - we have a lot of live users on 
> the current implementation, and have had a couple of issues in the 
> past where changes broke these implementations. So it'd be good to be 
> able to stage any migration.

Even if we replace the existing impl, the old binary and source releases 
do not go away, so no one would be forced to upgrade before they were 
ready...of course, if there is some irreconcilable incompatibility 
between the two then we'd have an issue, but I doubt that would be the 
case since they are supposed to be implementing the same spec.

Well, it sounds like there is sufficient interest, so it would be great 
if Sten could make it available for people to play with via JIRA.

What do you think, Sten?

-> richard

> On the plus note - although our usage is quite basic, we do stick 
> strictly to what OSGi exposes as the HttpService API layer and use no 
> other features. So we make quite a good test site to ensure the 
> fundamentals of the base API are working as per the spec.
> Regards
> -- Rob

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