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From Glyn Normington <g...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Align Karaf deployer and felix fileinstall
Date Tue, 16 Jun 2009 08:08:59 GMT
I'm a little concerned about positioning deployer function below file  

There are clearly many single bundle application scenarios where this  
makes a lot of sense. But if you consider applications consisting of  
multiple bundles where the deployer needs to perform certain  
operations on the whole set of bundles, things get a bit tricky since  
the result of that install operation is presumably limited to be a  
single Bundle.

Also isn't it likely that the Karaf deployer will evolve at a faster  
rate than the Felix OSGi framework and possibly even spawn multiple  

So should the Karaf deployer should be integrated tightly in to file  
install or enabled to plug in via an extension mechanism so that it  
can logically sit on top of file install and perhaps more easily cope  
with multiple bundle operations and evolve faster?


On 15 Jun 2009, at 15:31, Richard S. Hall wrote:

> I think this sounds reasonable as long as it keeps the basic simple  
> functionality in tact by default and the implementation remains  
> simple overall, since that was the original goal, as mentioned by  
> Sahoo and Filippo.
> It doesn't sound like the added features add too much complexity and  
> could also be made optional where appropriate. So, that sounds good.
> The original idea for FELIX-922 (supporting different types of  
> files) was to create something really lightweight, such as a simple  
> handler service interface which the core could retrieve from the  
> service registry and other bundles could implement. It sounds like  
> this is what has been done, so that seems good too.
> Also as mentioned, merging might be more difficult, since the code  
> bases have changed, but merging features sounds possible.
> I had also wondered about supporting start levels. My original  
> thought there was to create numbered subdirectories that correspond  
> to the start level for the contained bundles; however, that might be  
> problematic with exploded bundle support...something to think about.
> -> richard
> On 6/15/09 4:45 AM, Guillaume Nodet wrote:
>> I'd like to start discussing how we can merge karaf deployer and  
>> felix
>> fileinstall.
>> Note that karaf deployer is originally based on the same code base  
>> but
>> has since evolved.
>> Here are a list of the main features we've added to the karaf  
>> deployer
>> over time:
>>    *  use the preference service (if available) to store the status  
>> of
>> the deployer
>>        thus the last update time for each tracked object is stored  
>> and
>> at restart the deployer
>>        is able to detect changed files
>>    * ability to handle exploded bundles
>>    * ability to transform artifacts on the fly (wars, spring config
>> files, blueprint config files, etc...) through OSGi services
>>       this issue has been raised in FELIX-922
>> I know some of you wants to keep file install minimalistic, so I'd be
>> fine keeping both versions around if that's the outcome of the
>> discussion, but I think we need to have this discussion at some  
>> point.
>>  Note that the karaf deployer is only 35k whereas fileinstall is 32k
>> ... so I guess we need to define what minimalistic / lightweight /
>> (whatever adjective you want) is ...

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