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From Sahoo <Sa...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Align Karaf deployer and felix fileinstall
Date Mon, 15 Jun 2009 09:00:02 GMT
Guillaume Nodet wrote:
> I'd like to start discussing how we can merge karaf deployer and felix
> fileinstall.
> Note that karaf deployer is originally based on the same code base but
> has since evolved.
FileInstall code has evolved as well, so merge will be painful.
> Here are a list of the main features we've added to the karaf deployer
> over time:
>    *  use the preference service (if available) to store the status of
> the deployer
>        thus the last update time for each tracked object is stored and
> at restart the deployer
file install uses bundle.getLastModified and compares it with 
file.lastModified() to detect updates. What's wrong with this approach?
>        is able to detect changed files
>    * ability to handle exploded bundles
>    * ability to transform artifacts on the fly (wars, spring config
> files, blueprint config files, etc...) through OSGi services
>       this issue has been raised in FELIX-922
> I know some of you wants to keep file install minimalistic, so I'd be
> fine keeping both versions around if that's the outcome of the
> discussion, but I think we need to have this discussion at some point.
>  Note that the karaf deployer is only 35k whereas fileinstall is 32k
> ... so I guess we need to define what minimalistic / lightweight /
> (whatever adjective you want) is ...
While size is important, so are dependencies. We should try not to add 
too many dependencies. What are the dependencies of karaf deployer?


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