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From Guillaume Nodet <gno...@gmail.com>
Subject iPojo and Blueprint services
Date Sun, 12 Apr 2009 20:06:20 GMT
I'm investigating implementing the blueprint spec on top of iPojo, but
after digging a bit in the iPojo code, I have a few questions.
  * constructor injection seems to be missing
  * not sure how to inject other components as properties of a given
component.  It seems properties can only handle simple types, while
dependencies require interfaces
  * ability to create and populate collections to inject as properties
(only collections of simple types are supported afaik)
  * ability to expose classes and not only interfaces in the osgi registry
  * when manipulating the bytecode to enhance the classes, can iPojo
handle the parent classes ? i.e. if a field is defined in the parent
class, will iPojo manipulate it accordingly ?

On point #2, i think iPojo can only handle dependencies that are
imported as OSGi services.  If this is true, does this mean I have to
create a composite so that all component instances are create at the
composite level and not really exported in the OSGi registry ?

The blueprint spec mostly rely on component dependency injection where
components are instanciated and wired explicitely.  How can I achieve
that using iPojo ?

Guillaume Nodet
Blog: http://gnodet.blogspot.com/
Open Source SOA

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