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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Move ServiceMix Kernel into Felix as a subproject
Date Sat, 04 Apr 2009 09:14:50 GMT
On 4/4/09 5:07 AM, Marcel Offermans wrote:
> Yes. There are two things that currently holding me back a bit:
> a) we do not have a staging environment, which would be nice for such 
> a big reorganization because it will take some time and that would 
> leave our website in an "undefined state" for some time

Personally, I don't care if this is the case. Just leave a portion at 
the top that has our current set of menu links so people can still find 
stuff, then everything below that can be under construction (we can say 
so). Then when we are done, we can just get rid of the old links at the top.

-> richard

> b) I need to figure out a way to directly see changes in the auto 
> export, because having to wait for hours before I can see updates is 
> inconvenient when making big changes
> I probably could make this work by trying to install a private copy of 
> Confluence to make all changes and export/import everything but that 
> would require "locking" the space in the mean time (does not really 
> sound like a good solution).
> Greetings, Marcel

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