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From Guillaume Nodet <gno...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: FELIX-1011 and FELIX-1012
Date Tue, 31 Mar 2009 11:37:04 GMT
On Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 13:23, Guillaume Sauthier
<Guillaume.Sauthier@objectweb.org> wrote:
> Hi Guillaume
> Nice work.
> I've also done some prototyping work on JNDI/OSGi integration, and I have
> some questions:
> * Where did you find the RFC 142 ? I've search the core & compendium 4.2
> drafts with no success.

Not sure it has been published anywhere.  I just had a look at the RFC
document from osgi svn tree.

> * If I understand well, what the contribution do is allowing OSGi services
> access from a simple InitialContext.lookup, right ?

Yes, that's mostly it for now.

> * Does this contribution address the general JNDI/OSGi problem, that is
> 'JNDI is always using the TCCL to load classes' ?

Not really.  Currently, all classes are loaded from the jndi/osgi
bundle itself, so there's a dynamic import package on everything.
That's quite ugly, so any better idea would be welcome.

> This is that last point that I've worked on.
> For example, ObjectFactory instances (the objects that knows how to recreate
> an instance from a Reference object) are registered as OSGi services, and
> I've provided an ObjectFactoryBuilder, that is OSGi aware, and that looks in
> the service registry for an ObjectFactory with a given name. If the
> ObjectFactory is found, it returns it to be used by JNDI, so no new
> classloading ...
> There is a similar problem with InitialContextFactory (that are loaded from
> a given ClassLoader)...
> Does the RFC 142 also addresses theses 2 points ?

I must admit that atm, my use of JNDI is quite limited so I have not
needed any support for ObjectFactory at this point.
In all cases, there's a big gap between JNDI / OSGi and I don't think
classloaders issues can really be solved nicely, along with supporting
the dynamics of OSGi (JNDI tree is kinda supposed to not change over

For this particular problem, a JNDI client is not supposed to have the
implementation class in its classpath, so relying on the thread
context classloader will not really work imho.

> Cheers
> --Guillaume
> BTW, the code is here:
> Eclipse workspace:
> http://fisheye.easybeans.org/browse/EasyBeans/sandbox/sauthieg/naming
> Core code:
> http://fisheye.easybeans.org/browse/EasyBeans/sandbox/sauthieg/naming/org.ow2.jonas.naming.factories/src/org/ow2/jonas/naming/factories
> Guillaume Nodet a écrit :
>> I have attached to the above issues two patches which consist of
>> implementations of RFC-0142 (JNDI integration) and RFC-98
>> (Transactions in OSGi).
>> I have refactored the implementations in ServiceMix NMR so that they
>> do not have any dependenies on Spring-DM and become standalone
>> bundles.
>> Feedback welcome!

Guillaume Nodet
Blog: http://gnodet.blogspot.com/
Open Source SOA

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