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From Carsten Ziegeler <cziege...@apache.org>
Subject Re: ApacheCon EU Felix BOF
Date Sat, 28 Mar 2009 11:48:22 GMT
Marcel Offermans wrote:
 >> - What about creating a "Apache bundle repository" containing all
>> bundles made by Apache projects (both apache products and 3rd party
>> libs). It will be something like an Apache OSGi Common project.
>> Issues, License, Versioning, Support? Two issues are opened : creating
>> a room for new bundles (script engines...) and how to create a
>> repository for existing bundles?
> It probably makes sense to extend this beyond a plain OBR, since that
> still won't allow "humans" to browse the repository and really learn
> about the different components in there. We need something that really
> helps the user, explaining the bundle, etc.
Yepp - first, I think that we could combine this afford with the
distribution idea (from below). Like a one stop shop for people
interested in OSGi - and get them up to speed in no time.
I'm planning to have a look what the plans for Archiva are and if I can
help out there - i've some vague ideas atm how to add support, but not
concrete enough to write them down :)

>> Providing a all-in-one Felix distribution were the user selects the
>> required "features/capabilities/profiles".
> Just a distribution where Felix starts up with all the bundles
> installed, running stuff like webconsole out of the box, that is a good
> starting point for people to start developing their own stuff.
We should definitly team up with the ServiceMix people and the Sling
guys :) Both offer already a distributions. I think we should start a
discussion about this soon.

>> as well as propose an Apache project for a
>> provisioning server.
> We had very positive feedback from the community at ApacheCon about
> this, so I'm going to submit a proposal on this to the incubator in a
> week or two. Feel free to express your interest if you want to participate.
Me, me, me :)

I could a lot of complaints from various people about our documentation
(or lack of docs); while I guess that this is always a problem which is
not that easily solvable, most of these people were reading the
"embedding felix" documentation which seems to be incomplete (haven't
looked at it yet). No, fixing the docs is one point, but I think even as
interesting here is that out of a sudden many people were interested in
getting Felix running for their projects. So I think this is another
indication that providing a distribution (which might also be easily
embeddable like the Sling stuff we have) is of high interest.

The other point was that we don't provide the examples as a download.
People are forced to use svn and maven just to get an example running.
So I guess we should think about releasing the examples.

Carsten Ziegeler

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