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From "Pete Haidinyak" <javam...@cox.net>
Subject Porting Question
Date Sat, 07 Feb 2009 08:20:33 GMT
Good evening,
	I am porting an application I have been working on from a JMX managed  
system to OSGi. My original design was based off an earlier version of  
JBoss where you could load different version of JBoss based on command  
line parameters. It would create a custom URL classloader based on the  
version loaded. Anyway, I have a core launcher which sets up the  
Classloader and command line parameters and now loads Felix. In my old  
system I have core components which are always available (Logging,  
Dependency Management, Configuration, Inter-Service communication  
(JGroups), Intra-Service Communication (JMX), Group Communication  
(JGroups), etc.) and then I load components that are only used by the  
service which was started (Database, UDP Reader, Rules Engine, Socket  
Communications, etc.) All of this was controlled via JMX since all of the  
components were MBeans. Problem is I found I was spending to much time on  
the 'plumbing' and not on solving the business problem. That is the reason  
for the port to OSGi.
	Ok, enough of the background, my question is "What is the best approach  
for Porting a JMX enabled Component to OSGi?" Currently the Components  
send and receive 'Events/Message' using JMX (Publish/Subscribe). They are  
also managed (stopped/started/unload/loaded/configuration changes, etc.)  
using a JMX Console. I also will be running parts of the application  
outside of the OSGi container which will need access to components running  
inside the OSGi container. Components running inside of the OSGi contain  
will need access to resources that are in the classpath (created at  
	I have been looking at your wiki, books on OSGi (precious few), Googling  
the web, and the last thousand or so email from this group trying to get  
my head around this. What would y'all best suggestion to point my efforts?

Thanks for your time!

-Pete Haidinyak

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