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From Jon Brisbin <jon.bris...@gmail.com>
Subject I implemented a JLine-based TUI for Felix
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2008 22:37:00 GMT
Sorry for the x-post between dev and users...

I don't like the default text UIs for Felix or Equinox, so I decided  
to write my own, based on JLine. I made it Felix-specific for the time  
being, since I'm checking for specific commands. But I'm thinking in  
the next incarnation, I'll make it OSGi-generic.

Besides file-based (~/.felix_history) history support, there is also  
tab completion for Felix commands. I have to say: it is *so* nice to  
have tab completion and history support in stock Felix. Right now, I'm  
working on tab completion for the install command (so it will prompt  
you for files as you're typing your "file:/" url!) and support for  
searching for implemented interfaces (so you can have tab completion  
when typing in filters).

I would love to share this with the community and possibly get it  
included in the main distro (JLine is included as an embedded  
dependency and the code is very small and light-weight). I was ready  
to use ServiceMix just for the GShell integration, but then I looked  
at how much RAM gshell takes up (I plan on deploying my OSGi app onto  
a memory-limited Ubuntu slice) and the dependencies and decided that  
plain JLine was the way to go.

Is there any interest in this text ui for plain-jane, stock Felix?


Jon Brisibn

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