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From Martin Thelian <Martin.Thel...@gmx.at>
Subject Re: FW: Apache Felix Monitor Admin - Status
Date Sat, 01 Nov 2008 08:38:15 GMT

Richard S. Hall schrieb:
> Didier Donsez wrote:
>> May be a JIRA issue
>> But I'm not sure JIRA can be used for sandboxed bundles !
> I am not sure if it is common either, but it doesn't really matter to 
> me. Bytes are cheap. However, I don't think it would make sense to 
> make JIRA components for sandbox projects. I guess someone has to 
> figure out if this is a project they want to see through to 
> completion. If so, start working on it and submitting patches. When it 
> gets stable enough, then it can be moved to trunk. Perhaps Martin and 
> Didier can team up to make it happen.

What about using "No component" or even to create a single component for 
all sandbox projects out there?
But I could also send patches and reports directly to Didier if this is 
ok for him.


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