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From "Craig Phillips" <lcphill...@praxiseng.com>
Subject RE: [Fwd: Re: building a felix embedding web app with maven]
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2008 13:39:06 GMT
This is probably slightly off topic, as below seems to be focused on maven / build stuff...
I have a demonstration, which I could provide the eclipse project/workspace if anyone is interested,
of a tomcat web app that embeds felix... The idea was a bit more decoupling than what most
attempts have tried, from what I've seen... My tenants were: A). Tomcat has no idea that embedded
OSGi ('er, felix as the equinox has a NPE bug in it, for which I logged a bugzilla report)
is occurring, and B). the embedded OSGi (bundles and services thereof) have no idea that they
are in a web app (tomcat or otherwise);  After all, OSGi is loose coupling taken to another
stratosphere (for which I am not complaining in the least, certainly pleased with the mentality/mind-set),
and thus the embedding of which should also be loosely coupled;
Now, with the loose coupling mantra said, I still had to modify the bootdelegation line to
include my embedded services API, but that was acceptable to me -- So, the trick was to have
a small piece of glue code that takes the web app request(s) and translates to an embedded
bundle service a la the API -- hence, if the API changes, my glue code would need to change
-- so, the bootdelegation entry didn't bother me; I have a few ideas to make my embedded API
in a "meta model" scheme, at which point the API would barely need to change.... but I leave
that to your imagination... One big thing I've always liked about OSGi (and Felix even better):
minimal agenda (like the "Lego" analogy); I don't get that mentality from Sun or even other
implementations (and, don't get me started on J-7);
Well, thought I'd throw that out there, sort of related fodder to embedding and web apps...
Craig Phillips, Praxis


From: Richard S. Hall [mailto:heavy@ungoverned.org]
Sent: Wed 10/8/2008 9:27 AM
To: dev@felix.apache.org
Subject: [Fwd: Re: building a felix embedding web app with maven]

I guess servlet gets dragged into the framework dependencies from
compendium. Should we put excluding servlet in our own POMs? Would it
excluding it in the framework POM be sufficient?

-> richard

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Subject:        Re: building a felix embedding web app with maven
Date:   Wed, 8 Oct 2008 17:08:49 +0800
From:   Stuart McCulloch <mcculls@gmail.com>
Reply-To:       users@felix.apache.org
To:     users@felix.apache.org

2008/10/8 Maxim Suponya <maxim.suponya@qbe.com>

> Hi,
> I have a web app that is built using maven 2.0.8. The application's
> pom.xml contains following dependency:
>      <dependency>
>        <groupId>org.apache.felix</groupId>
>        <artifactId>org.apache.felix.framework</artifactId>
>        <version>1.2.1</version>
>      </dependency>
> But felix, in turn, depends on a project defined in
> javax.servlet-1.0.0.pom which subsequently makes a jar file called
> javax.servlet-1.0.0.jar ending up in WEB-INF/lib together with
> org.apache.felix.framework-1.2.1.jar.

have you tried using:


to tell Maven to exclude the transitive servlet dependency?

> When the web application starts and the servlet that launches felix gets
> initialized, a ClassCastException is thrown saying that this servlet is
> not a Servlet.. this is due to presence of javax.servlet-1.0.0.jar with
> Servlet.class in WEB-INF/lib which comes in conflict with the one that's
> provided by Tomcat.
> Adding <scope>provided</scope> in my app's pom.xml doesn't make any
> difference.
>      <dependency>
>        <groupId>org.apache.felix</groupId>
>        <artifactId>javax.servlet</artifactId>
>        <version>1.0.0</version>
>        <scope>provided</scope>
>      </dependency>
> Is there any way around this?
> Thanks a lot,
> Maxim
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Cheers, Stuart

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