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From Felix Meschberger <fmesc...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Fragment support 1.0.4 to 1.2 doesn't Import classes
Date Mon, 13 Oct 2008 15:27:22 GMT

Richard S. Hall schrieb:
> Daniel,
> I just applied a patch to trunk that makes the fragment install
> exception configurable. For details:
>    https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FELIX-725

In fact IMHO the Fragment-Host checks are to generous. Because they also
include Framework Extension bundles which used to be supported for a
while and cease to work now.

I think the check should be modified to not do the Fragment-Host
verificiation stuff in case of Framework Extension bundles (as per 3.15,
Extension Bundles, of the core spec; identified with the extension


> I have deployed a new maven snapshot or you can build from trunk if you
> want to use it.
> -> richard
> Daniel Rubio wrote:
>> I hadn't actually tried to upgrade until now, and since some of the
>> bundles I was using were libraries (apache tomcat, jasper
>> compiler,etc) I didn't realize they were fragments until I got this
>> message testing on 1.2!
>> I believe ignoring fragments in 1.0.4 - or the Fragment-Host directive
>> - simply processed the Import-Package statement and made the fragments
>> classes available as if they were a normal bundle, so that's why it
>> worked....
>>  Inclusively I removed the Fragment-Host from the bundle and the app
>> works in 1.2, so I'm also realizing what is packaged as a fragment
>> didn't actually require being a full-fledged fragment, go figure, but
>> that's for the one's OSGi'fying bundles...
>>   I guess we will leave 1.0.4 in place. If a new release comes out
>> before the last draft revision, that warns about fragments but still
>> loads classes 'as if it were a normal bundle' then I will use that ;)
>> otherwise I will just put a note.
>>   Don't know what the consequence/side effects may be, in my app there
>> didn't seem to be trouble converting a fragment to a bundle just to
>> Import its classes an run the app successfully in 1.2...though there
>> might be trouble in some 'well-designed fragments' that do require not
>> just importing classes but the whole functionality required by the
>> fragment spec (but I guess that's where the warning comes in :-)  ).
>> Richard S. Hall wrote:
>>> Argh!
>>> Yes, we probably should have made that configurable. Where were you
>>> when I was asking about throwing an exception on fragment install? ;-)
>>> I guess the short answer is "no, there is no way to change it". You
>>> have two options at this point:
>>>   1. Roll your own release that disables the exception (pretty easy to
>>>      do, I guess I might actually be able to make this configurable in
>>>      trunk and create a new snapshot that will eventually become 1.2.2
>>>      and you could use that for the time being).
>>>   2. Keep using 1.0.4 until we do another release that makes this
>>>      configurable.
>>> I don't see any reason why we couldn't make this configurable,
>>> perhaps someone sees something that I don't. The fact that your apps
>>> worked at all before I guess was just luck, since we ignored
>>> fragments altogether in 1.0.4.
>>> -> richard
>>> Daniel Rubio (OSGI Mailing List) wrote:
>>>> I just upgraded to Felix 1.2+ from 1.0.4, only to realize some of my
>>>> (library) bundles are fragments.
>>>> I'm getting a warning that in 1.2 there is partial support for
>>>> fragments, which I of course appreciate. However, the application
>>>> now ceases to work since it apparently doesn't import any classes in
>>>> the fragment....
>>>> Is there some way to get things to work as in 1.0.4 and get the
>>>> warning ?
>>>> I realize full support for fragments may be well down the road, but
>>>> is there any plan for a release like 1.0.4 (import class from the
>>>> fragment ) and getting a warning ?
>>>> Thanks for any information on the subject.
>>>> Daniel Rubio
>>>> P.S- I realize the simple answer is keep using 1.0.4, but the reason
>>>> for my question is because I'm in the process of writing a book (for
>>>> Apress on Spring-OSGi) which is using Apache Felix, and some things
>>>> are already based on the v.1.0.4 and the upgrade to the newer v.1.2
>>>> breaks a few of the apps.

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