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From "Jackson, Bruce" <bru...@qualcomm.com>
Subject Re: upnp media server pure java
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2008 02:43:05 GMT
When you say that you're using the samples in felix, what do you mean? Cyberlink is a upnp
media server application built on top of the upnp stack. You would need to build a similar
media server on top of the felix upnp stack in order for it to be seen by the ps3. Felix uses
a newer version of the same underlying upnp base driver as cyberlink.

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From: "Survivant 00" <survivant00@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: upnp media server pure java
Date: 29th September 2008
Time: 6:40:11 pm

I found the program Cyberlink media server and I'm able to see it in my
PS3.  I think it use a old version of cyberlink upnp library.

I want to try the same thing with Felix... I have plan to reverse-engineer
it to understand the difference.

did someone know what is missing in the sample to be able to do the same
thing ?

2008/9/29 Survivant 00 <survivant00@gmail.com>

> I want to do a media server using Felix upnp.  I downloaded and builded the
> source code.  When I run the samples, I'm able to see them within the
> tester.
> I even see my Tversity that run on another computer.
> but I don't see my Google media server and I don't see the samples on my
> Playstations 3.
> Is the Felix upnp is complete or there something missing to be able to
> reconized google media server and be seen on the PS3 ?
> my principale target will be the PS3.

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