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From "Rob Walker" <R...@ascert.com>
Subject Re: OSGi HTTP Service (FELIX-538) Question
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2008 06:42:08 GMT

You may have already found it - but there is a Jetty based Http service already in Felix bundles.
It's not perfect but works pretty well - from a project point of view it may be better for
you to start with this as a basis for improvements.
There's a mail archive thread somewhere on servlet level support and backwards compatibily.
I think the way it works is that u must suppport 2.1 servlet spec - but higher spec levels
are backwards compatible i.e. 2.5 would satisfy a 2.1+ min spec level. Happy to stand corrected
if others know more here.

In terms of licensing - i'm not familiar with CDDL, if it's just embedding & the license
allows that then you're probably ok - but it may be best to check with the project/authors.

Never looked at iPojo so not sure how this fits with OSGi model.


- rob

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From: "richard jackson" <rdjackson@gmail.com>
Date: Thursday, Sep 4, 2008 6:08 am
Subject: OSGi HTTP Service (FELIX-538) Question
To: "dev@felix.apache.org" <dev@felix.apache.org> Reply-To: "dev@felix.apache.org" <dev@felix.apache.org>


After I finish off learning what I need to know about felix I want to tackle
 writing a OSGi HTTP Service bundle. But I have a few questions about what
 can be included in this bundle if I want to contribute it to Felix:

1) Can it contain out side code? In particular I'm thinking about Grizzly (
https://grizzly.dev.java.net/ ). This is the front end used in both Jetty
 and GlassFish which means it is already heavily tested and why reinvent the
 wheel if I don't have to. The potential problem is that it is under the CDDL
 and was not sure if that License is ok for a Apache project.

2) Is there a problem with extending the spec for this? For instance can I
 expose a spec compliant service but also expose a enhanced service? Kind of
 like what the Pax Web bundle does (see

3) Can I use iPOJO for the service? Or do I need to just do it myself? This
 is not a issue I was just wondering as again why code it up by hand if I can
 just get iPOJO to do it for me. But then again maybe iPOJO can't do what I
 will need for HTTP Service ( I'm still learning what it can do still haven't
 got far enough to know what it can't do )

4) The spec states that the HTTP Service must implement at least Servlet
 spec 2.1 (If I remember correctly that is) whould implementing Servlet Spec
2.5 satisfy the requirement? Yea I know maybe a stupid question but still
 wanted to ask as I don't want to wast my research time if I don't have to.
 Want to get the spec part done first before trying to do the added stuff I
 want/need. If I have to do Servlet spec 2.1 does anyone know where I can
 find the spec. I have only been able to find 2.3 and newer.

 I'll have more questions as I look into doing this but for now that covers
 the basics. (I have packaging questions as well but those questions depend
 on answers to some of the questions)

 Richard Jackson

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