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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject [REPORT] Apache Felix
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2008 14:44:19 GMT
Apache Felix Board Report


    * Presented iPOJO at the OSGi Community Event in Berlin in June.
    * Added committers Edward Yakop and Makas Lau for Log Service
    * Received a contribution from Dieter Wimberger for a bundle that
      provides simple remote telnet access to the Felix shell.
    * Receiving web site documentation contributions from Richard
      Jackson; Richard has been granted karma to modify the wiki for his


    * Still working on incorporating the new Log Service contribution
      from PAX; largely delayed due to a naming issue and lack of time.
    * Release version 1.2.0 of Felix (includes Framework 1.2.0, Main
      1.2.0, Shell 1.0.2, Shell TUI 1.0.2, Bundle Repository 1.2.0).
      This release marks the first steps toward bundle fragment support
      in Felix, which is one of the last major hurdles to full OSGi R4
      specification compliance; however, there is still plenty of work
      to be done to complete this feature.
    * Released various other subprojects (e.g., iPOJO, UPnP, SCR, Maven
      SCR Plugin, Maven Bundle Plugin, File Install).
    * Working on creating an official bundle repository to make it
      easier for the community to use subprojects.

Licensing and other issues

    * None.

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