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From "Roger Martin" <waldensianspi...@gmail.com>
Subject web console multi file upload and install
Date Sat, 06 Sep 2008 02:04:48 GMT
Hi Felix developers,

In my local Felix development  I've been testing different ways to
change the web console to allow multiple files to be dragged from an
OS folder and upload them via the "Apache Felix Web Management
Console".  After searching, testing and running into many obsolete
documentations in this murky territory I found the FancyUpload by
http://digitarald.de/project/fancyupload/1-0/ works using a flash
method.  My first case, Firefox is working and I got all the other
noted browsers queued up for testing. FancyUpload has an MIT license

If this feature is of interest, is the license ok?

Is there another preferred technology I should test?

Also I know that Glassfish is possibly remodeling to fit the Felix
console in with the Glassfish Admin Console; perhaps this may fit
there?  Although I know that there are many profiles I as a Felix user
like to set up independent of glassfish for testing.  Each of these
profiles are very much like a unit test for scenarios involving a
subset of the composite apps I'm working on.  So a way to quickly set
them up via multi file upload and install works for me.  Perhaps for
others as well.

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