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From Felix Meschberger <fmesc...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Remote Shell
Date Sun, 24 Aug 2008 18:36:49 GMT

Dieter Wimberger schrieb:
> Richard, Felix:
> I think that the ICLA I signed and sent to the Apache Foundation 
> Secretary cleary states the legal terms of the contribution.
> Given paragraph 2. Grant of Copyright License, I am granting the Apache 
> Foundation and all recipients of the software distributed by the 
> Foundation an irrevocable right to reproduce, prepare derivative works 
> of, publicly display, publicly perform, sublicense, and distribute the 
> contribution.
> In legal terms, to my understanding, I will still be owner of my 
> original contribution and can do as I please with it (e.g. grant another 
> license).

So I do also understand. Now, in this respect the code in ASF SVN 
repository is kind of a derivative work now AFAIUI belong to the ASF.

> Now, given that the contribution is mainly code, I would simply suggest 
> that my @author tag in the javadoc of the corresponding files and 
> derivatives is retained. The code and especially derivatives should 
> actually be placed under Apache License and ASF copyright; I guess this 
> is also what you do with the committers code contributions, or?

Yes. Except that in ASF project we generally (at least the very few 
projects I have some insight in) do not keep the @author tags because 
they tend to be outdated over time and do not reflect the correct 

The most appropriate information with respect to authoring of code is 
the SVN logs, which record who committed what. Of course there is a 
break in this case with respect to me committing the code.

What I would suggest in this case, would be to mark the files as 
"originally authored by ...." or something like that.

> Beside the code, I think a list of contributors and committers seems to 
> be the best way to give credits; this is also the way it has been done 
> in other Apache projects I have contributed to.
> To give an example, the commons-collections project seems to keep their 
> developers (= comitters) and contributors in the POM file, using a 
> section like:
> <developers>
>   ...
>   <developer>
>    <id>fmeschbe</id>
>    <name>Felix Meschberger</name>
>   </developer>
>   ...
> </developers>
> <contributors>
>   ...
>   <contributor>
>     <name>Dieter Wimberger</name>
>   </contributor>
>   ...
> </contributors>
> Probably this is the best way to handle this in the right place and be 
> able to generate something from it (opposed to an unstructured NOTICE 
> text file).

This would be a good idea. But we don't maintain the developers and 
contributors in the pom file(s) - maybe simply because we do not 
generate the site from the pom files.

Instead I added Dieter's Contribution on our contributions page [1]. I 
just realized that this page is not referred to on the site. So I put a 
link on our Community page for this. Should be synchronized within an 
hour or so.


[1] http://felix.apache.org/site/felix-r4-contributions.html

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