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From "Pedro Pedruzzi" <ppedru...@v2com.mobi>
Subject Services for OSGi environments
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2008 14:40:13 GMT
Hi all.

I am looking for OSGi bundles implementing services such as DNS, HTTP,
NTP, SMTP and SNMP servers.

I found some projects working on implementations of these servers in
Java. But it seems that they usually don't provide a release of the
service component as an OSGi bundle (publishing services and possibly
using ConfigAdmin).

Of course these components wrapped to accomplish this, just the way
you did with Jetty to implement HTTP Service (except that it will not
implement a API from the specs like HTTP Service).

Where should such an OSGi wrapper project resides? Do we expect the
component maintainers to write and host it? Or do we write ourselves
and host it as a separate project, or possibly host it along with

For example, I noticed that James Server (ASF mail server) guys were
thinking about implementing James as a set of OSGi bundles [1]. There
is also a sandbox implementation of a configuration file loader for
ConfigAdmin [2]. And I want to run James server, like it is today (not
OSGi), inside Felix.

I'd appreciate any comments on this. And also on where I can found
bundles for the services I mentioned.


Pedro Pedruzzi | V2COM

[1] http://wiki.apache.org/james/Development/ReplacePhoenix
[2] http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/james/server/sandbox/inactive/osgi-experiments/conf_reader/

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