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From Felix Meschberger <fmesc...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: ConfigAdmin - examples / tutorials
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2008 14:42:36 GMT
Hi Craig,

Sorry you could not find anything... this is still on our todo lists, 
which tend to be overcrowded with tasks ....

But here is a very short howto. Consider you have requirement for some 
configuration, say the line length of a pretty printer. You want to have 
this configurable through configuration admin.

You need the following parts:

   * A service PID identifying the configuration
   * A ManagedService to receive the configuration
   * Name(s) for the configuration property/ies

The PID is just a string, which must be globally unique. Assuming a 
simple case where your PrettyPrinter configurator receives the 
configuration has a unique class name, you may well use that name. So 
lets assume, our ManagedService is called 
org.sample.PrettyPrinterConfigurator and that name is also used as the PID.

The class would be:

     package org.sample;
     class PrettyPrinterConfigurator implements ManagedService {
         public void update(Dictionary props)
             throws ConfigurationException {
             if (props == null) {
                 // no configuration from configuration admin
                 // or old configuration has been deleted
             } else {
                 // apply configuration from config admin

Now, in your bundle activator's start() method you register the 
PrettyPrinterConfigurator as a ManagedService:

    public void start(BundleContext context) {
        Dictionary props = new Hashtable();
        props.put("service.pid", org.sample.PrettyPrinterConfigurator);
            new PrettyPrinterConfigurator(), props);

That's it ... And so you get the configuration

Hope this helps.


Craig Phillips schrieb:
> Hi, Good Morning,
> I fretted about making such a post until I had somewhat exhausted the
> possible ways on my own to grab educational material of some form...
> I am looking for exemplary code and/or tutorial based material on how to
> use the config admin service and, basically, do configuration of [my]
> bundle the proper OSGi prescribed way...
> I do have the R4 compendium spec up and it's decent (I really feel like
> the folks did a great job on the spec... I have been trying to read
> through these, page by page, and they are very well done, IMO); But, the
> spec isn't quite a tutorial/hello-world... there was a snippet in there
> about the ManagedServiceFactory, but I am looking just to implement a
> very simple ManagedService;
> I downloaded the felix config admin source code, hoping to find
> "trunk/examples" but it only had a few junit-test constructs...
> I also googled around a bit for a few hours... I did try out the
> 'net.luminis.cmc-0.2.1.jar' and it looks quite useful; However, I'm
> still trying to put a full thread together with a sample bundle, from a
> sample MyBundleConfig.xml and one or two config properties to having the
> service load this up and pass it through to my bundle... 
> Yeah, I could probably just look for a jvm property (e.g.,
> -Dmy.config.item="someConfigValue"), but I'd rather try to do it by way
> of the prescribed OSGi configuration paradigm a la configAdmin
> service...
> If someone has a sample code snippet or two, or maybe a little cheat
> sheet or something, I'd be greatly appreciative (as always, this is a
> great felix and osgi resource here, and the people are very helpful)...
> Sincerely, Craig Phillips, Praxis

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