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From Felix Meschberger <fmesc...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: telnetd discussion
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2008 06:23:10 GMT
Hi Dieter,

Dieter Wimberger schrieb:
> Felix:
>> As I understand you are willing to donate the simple telnet code 
>> described in [1] to the Apache Felix project. To get around the 
>> licensing cliffs, we need to follow a few steps:
> Right.
>>  * First I suggest you create a JIRA and attach the source
>>    code (including the correct Apache License file header)
> Done.
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FELIX-615
> I have added the headers and the POM, but it doesn't seem to build a 
> bundle so far.
> Please note that this code is my copyright (corrected in the POM), and 
> never had anything to do with the VFI (I am not contracted by the VFI 
> nor bound by any contract that all code I write is "theirs").

Thanks. I will be looking into this.

>>  * Second, your CLA has to be on file with the ASF (see [2])
> I have sent the signed and scanned ICLA to the Apache Secretary address. 
> I suppose that this means it should be on file soon.
> Probably good, because I have already actually already contributed to 
> other Apache projects before.


>>  * Third, we would have to file an Incubator IP Clearance for
>>    this code (don't worry, we at Apache Felix would have to
>>    take care of this), see also [3] FYI
> Ok. I don't worry (have seen [3]).
>> I think for the simple remote shell bundle, this should be enough.
> The ball is on your side ;)

Taking it up and following up on it.

>> If you decide to donate the full telnetd bundle to Apache Felix, we 
>> would also need a software grant (see [4]). Otherwise a JIRA is required
>> to provde the code and the IP Clearance is required for tracking the 
>> process.
> The problem is the following:
> I am still developing telnetd-osgi, and we are actively using it. So the 
> question I always tried to find an answer for, is how we would proceed 
> at the practical end.
> If you wish to make a branch and then go from there alone, that's ok 
> with me. I contribute the current state of the code with a software 
> grant under Apache 2 license and you go with it (probably there are some 
> details to be discussed, like ensuring that there is no problematic code 
> in the bundle; thinking for example about the SSH key generation class 
> that contains code parts under a BSD license, which may need replacement 
> or rewrite).
> If we are looking at going from a single project that will be Felix in 
> the future, then there are additional things that need to be discussed, 
> because I have an agenda for the development and you might have another 
> one :) This is what I was trying to find out actually.

First off, IMHO forking your code into Apache Felix and keep two 
(almost) identical projects with their own lifecycle is not practical. 
Having said this, I think, that if you contribute your code, Apache 
Felix would be very wise to take your own agenda into account.

And, we also do not want to be a code sink. That is if some code is 
contributed and the Apache Felix PMC decides to accept the contribution, 
the PMC is also considering the future of the code.

BTW, a pure BSD license is generally not a problem. But you are right, 
we would have to look into the details.


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