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From "Karl Pauls" <karlpa...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Library Enabling Test Framework...?
Date Sat, 31 May 2008 09:40:41 GMT
> over in JAMES, we'd like to OSGi enable our upcoming library releases
> so that they can be used unforked in OSGi environments.


> the plan is to use the maven plugin but we don't have a lot of OSGi experience. so
> i'd like to add some integration tests to check that the libraries
> function ok when used in an OSGi environment.

Sounds like a good approach.

> this seems a reasonably general requirement and i was wondering about a general integration
> testing micro library to test that a library was correctly enabled.
> 1 does such a library exist already?

Not really. The might be some stuff around that is related but afaik
nothing that exactly does what you want (at least not open source).

> 2 if not:
>  2a is this just a crazy idea?

Not at all. We would need some kind of integration test framework
ourselves and discussed it a couple of times but nothing really
emerged as of now...

>  2b could it be made to work?

It should not be super complicated although it might need some work.
Felix is easily embeddable:


and launches reasonable quickly. It really depends on what it is your
thinking of testing exactly?

I'd be interested in helping out as I'm sure others are as well...



> - robert

Karl Pauls

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