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From "Sergey Parilin" <parili...@gmail.com>
Subject two bundles with same package problem
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2008 11:13:28 GMT
I have one problem and hope you will help me.

First of all, example which I mentioning below is a simple
representation of more complex problem with third party libraries.
This means that I can't change any packages at all.

I have two bundles (A and B). Bundle A have package org.foo and
imports it. Package B exports package org.foo from bundle A, but
bundle B have it's own package org.foo with classes which are differ
from classes in bundle A. And this is a problem: when bundle B exports
the package org.foo it can't find any of it's own classes from that
package if it doesn't export this package then it can't find classes
from bundle A.

The main confusing thing in this story that I had tried run this
example on other osgi  framework implementations using a pax:provision
and results are not the same. Felix and Knopperfish had thrown a
NoClassDefFoundError but Equinox and Concierge had executed this
example normally.

Which implementation is right in this situation? Or may be felix must
be configured to support this behaviour?

Thanks in advance.

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