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From Tim Moloney <t.molo...@verizon.net>
Subject Re: Several easy questions
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2008 02:58:06 GMT
Stuart McCulloch wrote:
> On 25/03/2008, Tim Moloney <t.moloney@verizon.net> wrote:
>> I have created a simple bundle that uses org.apache.felix.log and
>> org.apache.felix.eventadmin.  Although I build against
>> org.osgi.compendium (for the interface definitions), I can run without
>> it.  I just started using org.apache.felix.wireadmin in my bundle and it
>> requires compendium  to be running in the framework.
>> - Should org.osgi.compendium be running in the framework to run
>> org.apache.felix.wireadmin?
> the wireadmin bundle needs the wireadmin service API
> which is provided by the compendium bundle - I guess
> it could embed this API for convenience (and then both
> import and export it, in case the compendium bundle is
> already loaded) but I don't think the spec mandates this

Wouldn't it make sense that a bundle that implements a service, export 
that interface?  I think that org.apache.felix.log and 
org.apache.felix.eventadmin both do this.

> so currently it needs the compendium bundle - or rather
> any bundle that exports the wireadmin service package

I guess that I could always load the compendium bundle so that I have 
the API.  Unfortunately, the compendium requires javax.servlet so I'll 
have to load that also even though I don't use it.

> btw, you may find your bundle can run fine without the
> compendium bundle if it doesn't get round to invoking
> code that needs the API (or if it happens to embed it)

Would it be a good idea for my bundle to include (as private packages) 
any interfaces it uses?  This way, my bundle won't have any failed 
dependencies.  I can then gracefully handle any missing services rather 
than failing to load.

> - I list org.apache.felix.log, org.apache.felix.eventadmin, and
>> org.apache.felix.wireadmin as runtime dependencies for my bundle but
>> this doesn't appear to be necessary.  What's "best practice" for this?
> you mean in maven?

Oops, yes, in Maven.

> I typically only add the bundles
> needed to compile against in the actual bundle pom
> (a lot of the time just core+compendium)

I understand this part.

> and list the
> provisioned bundles separately with 'provided' scope
> in another deployment file/pom

  I don't understand this.  Can you elaborate?

> - Both org.apache.felix.log and org.apache.felix.wireadmin are at
>> version 0.9.0-SNAPSHOT.  Will they be released as 1.0.0 anytime soon?
> that's certainly the goal, but I can't give a firm date...
> Thanks,
>>   Tim
>> --
> Cheers, Stuart


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