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From Siamak Haschemi <hasch...@informatik.hu-berlin.de>
Subject Re: maven-deployment-plugin
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2008 08:33:49 GMT
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Hello to all,

I just want you to know that I started the development of a maven plugin
to create OSGi Deployment-Packages.

The project is hosted at SourceForge:


The users mailing-list can be found under:


The current version (0.1.1) has following features:

- - Creating a Deployment-Package jar from a maven project (with
packaging-type pom)
- - Inclusion of referenced bundles
- - Inclusion of referenced additional resources (for example
configuration files)
- - Support for Localization resources (l10n)
- - Support for Customizer-Bundles
- - Comes with a few default parameters (which will be taken from the pom)
which can be overwritten fine-grained
- - The directory structure of the resulting Deployment-Package jar can be
- - Validation of all manifest entries (like bundle-version,
bundle-SymbolicName, etc.)
- - Contains only dependencies to maven infrastructure
- - Tested with Felix OSGi and Felix Deplyoment-Admin implementation

This features are missing and will (hopefully) be added in the future:
- - Project Web-Site
- - Documentation & Examples
- - Adding releases of the plugin into an official maven repository
- - Signing
- - Ant-Task
- - Integration into the Eclipse IDE
- - command-line usage

Kind regards,

Siamak Haschemi

Siamak Haschemi schrieb:
> Hello Stuart,
> it would be great to start such a thing!
> Stuart McCulloch schrieb:
>> On 05/03/2008, Siamak Haschemi <haschemi@informatik.hu-berlin.de> wrote:
>> Hello to all,
>> is someone currently working on a maven-deployment-plugin to produce
>> OSGi Deployment Packages (*.dp) (like specified in the OSGi Service
>> Platform Service Compendium, Release 4, Version 4.1, Sec. 114)?
>>> Hi Siamak,
>>> as Christian said, I don't know of one yet - but it would be useful
>>> If no, where should I start?
>>> I have a fair bit of experience writing Maven plugins so I can help
>>> out with any mojo/dependency questions 
> That's great since I'm new in Maven Plugin development.
> - I'm trying to find out
>>> if we could start this work over at another site (where you could
>>> get committer rights straight away) and bring it over to the Felix
>>> site once the design has stabilized...
>>> Looking at the maven-bundle-plugin is naturally, but I am insecure if I
>> should base on the bndlib to use the several classes like "Jar" and
>> "Manifest" or if such a extended classpath traversing and dependency
>> checking is needless.
>>> personally I'd start coding on creating the deployment package
>>> from a minimal set of information (passed in via Java interfaces)
>>> because then it's easy to provide different ways to generate the
>>> information (manual list, dependency analysis, etc...)
> I need more explanation on this, but we could also move this to an other
> place...
>>> you might also want to look at the maven-assembly-plugin which
>>> is the standard maven approach for producing distributions from
>>> maven projects - might be able to re-use ideas / components
> Thank you for this hint! I will look deeper into Plugin development.
> Anyway, I started to develop a plugin for deployment based on the felix
> maven-bundle-plugin. I have to play around with the maven framework :-)
> Kind regards,
> Siamak Haschemi
>>> HTH
>>> Any hints?
>> Kind regards,
>> Siamak Haschemi

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