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From "Richard S. Hall" <he...@ungoverned.org>
Subject Re: Status and future of bundle repository
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2008 16:15:57 GMT
Alin Dreghiciu wrote:
> Can you please give me some information about the status of rfc-122
> and it's Felix implementation org.apache.felix.bundlerepository?

I am not exactly sure about the status of the RFC...

> The "problems" I see with the released 1.0.0 is that it uses
> System.out (shouldn't wise logging), discover resources fails with a
> NPE on an invalid filter syntax and is a kind of slow on parsing the
> repository xml even under not such a big repository like the one from
> osgi alliance (how this will scale on large repository or federation
> of repositories). I can raise jura issues and maybe some patches but
> it will be interesting to know first what the future looks like for
> OBR.

It sounds like we need JIRA issues on these to fix them...especially the 
NPE. Regarding the slowness, I think it may have something to do 
specifically with SourceForge access, but scalability will ultimately be 
an issue if the XML files become very large. Probably the only way to 
try to alleviate this is to cache locally and only update the caches 
once a day or something like that. Right now it is quite simple and just 
downloads the URL each time it is started.

> And related, is there any other repository then the one from osgi
> alliance and the oscar one? As I see now the one from oscar does not
> have to many bundles and the one from osgi alliance looks like
> outdated and has corrupted data (invalid syntax)

The Oscar one should not be used for Felix. Most bundles in there are 
simple didactic examples and even the ones that aren't are typically 
packaged for Oscar, which is not as strict as Felix. (There might be 
some exceptions, but overall this is true.)

We really need to set of a Felix OBR repo, now that we have so many 
subprojects released.

-> richard

> Kind regards,
> Alin Dreghiciu

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