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From Stefano Lenzi <kis...@interfree.it>
Subject UPnP Device Service Specification: errata?
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2008 20:59:15 GMT
Hi All,

I was developing the Apache Felix UPnP Base Driver which implements the 
"UPnP Device Service Specification" described in OSGi R4 (4.0.0, 4.0.1, 
and 4.1.0) Compendium chapter 111, but I have discovered some discording 
information between the Section 111.8 and the Section about 
the UPnPEventListener interface.

In fact the last two section of the Section 111.8 the specification states:

"One or multiple events are passed as parameters to the 
notifyUPnPEvent(String,String,Dictionary) method. The Dictionary object 
holds a pair of UpnPStateVariable objects that triggered the event and 
an Object for the new value of the state variable."

so it seems that the Dictionary should conatin the pair 
<UPnPStateVariable, Object> while the last point of the Section states:

"Callback method that is invoked for received events. The events are 
collected in a Dictionary object. Each entry has a String key 
representing the event name (= state variable name) and the new value of 
the state variable. The class of the value object must match the class 
specified by the UPnP State Variable associated with the event. This 
method must be called asynchronously"

this time, it seems that the Dictionary should contain the pair <String, 

So my question is:
*Which is the correct Section? Or am I not understanding the English?*

Stefano "Kismet" Lenzi

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